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Other means of payment


Paysafe Card

Bank Wire

The use of new alternative means of payment, which are intended to replace the old ways, such as Credit card, direct debit etc., has an ever-increasing popularity. So there are many, among others, prepaid systems, which allow the customer an anonymous payment of goods and services. Of course, we from PayCific also try to offer you such payment options through our system.


PayPal exist since 1998 on the world market and operates an eWallet system, that allows to make online payments through a virtual account, worldwide. PayPal claims to manage well over 230 million member accounts in 193 countries and 25 currencies. This, PayPal dominates the market segment of the payment processings.

For end users, PayPal is free and paying very simple. As a former eBay subsidiary it has been heavily integrated into this sales platform, which meant that many end users today have a PayPal account. A large customer base, which no merchant should close up.

To simplify merchants the implementation into their websites, PayCific offers the possibility to integrate an existing PayPal merchant account into PayCific. This makes it very easy to provide PayPal payments, in addition to all other means of payment PayCific is offering, and all without additional programming or configuration.


paysafecard has become one of the most popular and trusted online pre-paid payment methods worldwide, and represents a valuable addition to the existing payment methods of any online shop. The company, which was established in Austria early in 2000, now has a global presence with many subsidiaries and is constantly extending its acceptance.

The paysafecard is a pre-paid online payment method that enables your customers to pay easily, securely and quickly. It is absolutely anonymous, as no personal, bank or card data needs to be provided when making a purchase or using a service. paysafecard is currently available in 37 countries worldwide at over 450,000 points of sale. Over 4,000 online shops and providers now accept the pre-paid cards for secure and trusted payment processing.

paysafecard stands for easy payment - simply enter the 16-digit PIN in the PayCific payment window and initiate the transaction and you'll gain new customer groups and generate additional turnover.

Manual Bank Transfer (Bank Wire)

With the classic manual bank transfer, simply select the desired offer at the seller / merchant of your choice, that accepts PayCific as payment processor. Immediately after the check out process of your order, an invoice with reference number is created for you online by PayCific. You can then print out and send the money through your bank.

Please note that a normal bank transfer within SEPA may take up to 2 business days in total. Immediately after receiving the amount of money on our correspondence accounts the seller / merchant is credited in our system. Thus, the delivery of your godds or services can take place immediately and with no further delay. We will inform you in any case automatically by e-mail about the receipt of the money.

PayCific - enjoy shopping online with confidence.

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