Credit cards

For acceptance online and in the mail order business.


Today we can no longer imagine life without payment by credit card and especially not online. It is simply the most common payment method for cashless payment transactions worldwide. The extent of international acceptance and flexible use of the system mostly has a positive influence on the buying behaviour of customers, which is to the advantage of merchants. Credit card users are regarded as ready and solvent consumers, as possession of a credit card presupposes a certain level of creditworthiness with the card-issuing banks.

Another important aspect is security when paying by credit card. The constant efforts made by the card institutions have reduced the risk of fraud to a minimum, provided that the cardholder makes correct use of the card. This ensures that your services will not only generate above-average, continuous sales, but also that you as a merchant will be certain to get your money, as the card institutions, acquiring banks and Paycific will all aim to ensure that your payments are always made with the greatest possible degree of security.

Unlike in the past, data is now only transmitted with so-called SSL encoding - a procedure that reduces the risk of fraud to a minimum. The optional additional 3D-Secure procedures, Verified by VISA and MasterCard Secure Code, may be used to provide you with another decisive advantage, as chargebacks by the end customer, claiming that they had not used the card, are no longer possible. This provides you with long-term protection against non-payment and the associated financial losses, which can be annoying.

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