The universal payment services provider with many years of experience and individual service

Paycific is one of the leading Swiss specialists in national and international online payment traffic, as well as in online e-commerce services. Paycific AG was established in 2008, with the powerful PCI DSS Level 1-certified payment system "Paycific" being introduced at Paycific International AG in 2010 for strategic reasons. It has since been successfully marketed and developed.

Our company has its business premises in a state-of-the-art building in the municipality of Feusisberg, just a few kilometers from the gates of Zurich. It is here, in the neutral financial centre of Europe, surrounded by many other top international companies, that new and innovative ideas are constantly being developed, driving the expansion of Paycific to become one of the top brands in this sector.

The Paycific team has almost 25 years' experience in the online payment sector and is thus a trustworthy partner, who can offer merchants all over the world appropriate payment solutions by providing the necessary basic background skills and a professional and targeted service. Our payment system rapidly and securely handles online payment transactions in a merchant-friendly and consumer-friendly way.

In our view, successful online payment transactions require two important components . On the one hand, both the merchant and the end customer need to have trust in the provider of the payment system, while on the other hand the payment service provider needs a large, effective, international partner, banking and service provider network. We are thus constantly striving to develop from both a commercial and technical perspective.

As a competent, trustworthy partner, we offer national and international companies all-encompassing payment solutions from a single source. Independence is very important to us, which is why our company operates as a neutral entity, independently from banks. We are flexible and have short decision-making paths to enable us to fulfil the wishes of our customers at all times. In this process, our focus is on providing security and reliability for our partners and our company and ensuring the success of our customers based on "fair play" and honesty.

Paycific - enjoy shopping online with confidence.

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