Affiliate system

Easy and simple administration of your advertising partners

We could not imagine today's digital world without partner programmes, and these should form a significant part of your marketing system. You can effortlessly manage and organise all of your partners with the Paycific Affiliate Platform. All processes such as the configuration of commission, membership management, subscription management and pay-outs are primarily automated by our system or will be manually dealt with by us at the end of the process. This means that you save a great deal of time which you can use to manage lucrative projects elsewhere.

By combining payments and partner administration, the Paycific Affiliate Platform constitutes an additional, optimisable marketing tool. As a merchant, you retain control over the sales made by your various marketing partners and the amount of their commission in real time. You can also specify various individual types of commission for each individual affiliate.

We will, of course, also compile all commission statements and the pay-outs to your partners reliably and punctually. You can therefore focus entirely on your core business and do not need to struggle with administrative tasks. Naturally this service is entirely free of charge for you as a Paycific customer.

Paycific - enjoy shopping online with confidence.

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