Data security

Maximum security through the highest standards

Paycific assumes complete responsibility for the protection of your data and your customers' data. If the security of cardholder data, for example, is threatened this could obviously have negative impacts on the usage behaviour of consumers, contracting parties and card issuers. As the many reports in the media show, a single case of data misuse can damage a company's reputation and affect its long-term ability to conduct business efficiently. The introduction of very strict data security guidelines helps to combat and prevent these hazards.

Paycific uses redundant components that operate in parallel in real-time to achieve the highest quality solutions for continual data security. The transmission, storage and processing of highly sensitive payment data are exclusively encrypted using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. The AES 256-bit encryption system guarantees absolutely reliable transmission of data, and ensures that at no point in time during a payment transaction can third parties or unauthorised persons access sensitive payment data.

You can rest assured that Paycific provides the best quality of data protection because it holds PCI DSS Level 1 certification. On-site audits are carried out each year to ensure that all the security-related areas of our company are reviewed in detail and assessed to make sure they comply with the strict requirements of the PCI DSS standard. This ensures that our IT infrastructure, our encryption and prevention technologies are always state-of-the-art. Furthermore, so-called 'penetration tests' are carried out on a regular basis by externally-contracted security companies to determine whether it is possible to access and compromise our systems. This procedure serves to detect potential vulnerabilities at an early point of time and thus prevent the possibility of fraudulent transactions.

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