Online transfer

For merchants to whom security is important


Payment procedures based on online banking are becoming ever more important and are the ideal alternative for customers who do not have their own credit or debit card but wish to participate in global online shopping. For you as a merchant, this is also the safest payment method, as payments initiated by a customer can no longer be cancelled. There is thus no risk of non-payment as a result of chargebacks or payment reversals.

Providers who offer such transfer systems make use of the banks' online banking systems. On the one hand this enables them to debit the customer's bank account directly, while on the other hand it ensures that transactions are carried out at the high security standards maintained by the banks, which are comparable with those of online banking.

There are now many companies around the world that offer online transfer systems. The one listed below, which are the most common and best-established in the European market, can of course be used by you to handle online payments via Paycific. We constantly aim to integrate new service providers into our system to ensure that selling becomes safer for you as a merchant. This allows you to reach more customers, achieve a high satisfaction rate among your customers by using a local, secure payment method, and increase your conversion rate, all while minimising the risk of fraud and system failure.


giropay is operated by giropay GmbH in Germany, which has various sales partners in the acquirer and banking sector. The system is well-established and has a range of more than 35 million online banking customers, who can make use of over 1,500 banks and provident societies to process their payments. It is absolutely secure and does not involve any risk of payment failure.

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