Complying with statutory obligations as a matter of course
AML Rules

Money laundering is a process in which illegally-sourced money (e.g. from drug and arms trafficking, fraud or other serious criminal offences) is given the appearance of legitimate and legally generated funds. Money launderers usually try to hide or disguise the true source of the funds using complex corporate and fake business transactions.

The Swiss government, in common with most other constitutional countries, has adopted strict legislation to prevent money laundering and to combat the financing of terrorism. All transactions conducted with our company are subject to this legislation, known as the AML rules, and these represent our obligations, principles and guidelines in this regard.


As an international payment service provider (PSP), Paycific is active in many different countries around the world, some of which may have very different ethical values, political and legal systems. We accept full responsibility for our products, businesses and actions. For this reason, and also with our necessary and absolutely legitimate self-interest in mind, compliance plays a very important primary role for us. We see this not only in terms of conformity with national and international legal regulations, but also as a need for strict compliance with our internal ethical and behavioural principles, which are an integral part of our corporate structure and culture. We are also convinced that sustainable, effective and commercial success can only be ensured if mutual business activities are based on legitimate, honest and creditable behaviour.

Preventive measures and compliance at all levels of our organisation ensure that we conform on a day-to-day basis with all regulatory requirements in full. In addition, the existence of such guidelines increases the awareness of our employees of the need to avoid, from the outset, any risks that could be associated with any form of misconduct. We pay particular attention to statutory provisions and, to ensure adherence to our own high internal standards, consistently respond to any violation of those provisions.

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