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We are of the opinion that a modern company must be transparent and open in its external dealings to succeed in today's world.
Customers, business partners, employees and media representatives all have a right to receive up-to-date information. This section of our website will therefore always provide you with the most recent information about changes to our system and our company, as well as information about trade fairs and press releases.

With immediate effect merchants can also offer PayPal as a payment method via PayCific. PayCific works here as a technical service, the merchant must have an own PayPal merchant account. Discount rates does not apply at PayCific, only a favorable transaction fee. The PayPal API data can be deposited at PayCific and instantly PayPal payments can be processed via the PayCific payment window. For merchants, a very simple solution to integrate PayPal into their websites and stores. Everything from one source and without any extra effort. Unified sales statistics, customer research, Refunds, etc ..
With the new year we are introducing a completely new payment window. It is in Responsive Design, i.e. it works equally well at any resolution and on any device and automatically optimizes the display depending on the device used. A new, clear design creates clarity and ease of use for the end user. Emphasis was placed on it to make it as easy and simple as possible to carry out a payment. Registration as a PayCific`s customer is no longer necessary, but can still be selected. Also, it is now possible to directly predetermine a payment method by call parameters, so that the end customer is guided directly on a form where he can enter his payment data eg. Credit card data without any registration.

PayCific - enjoy shopping online with confidence.

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